KOMOTINI DINATA announces goals for young people in the coming period

Western Thrace
Wed, 27 Sep 2023 10:08 GMT
KOMOTINI DINATA, the main opposition in the Municipality of Komotini, announced the work they will do for young people when they come to power after the elections on 8 October.
KOMOTINI DINATA announces goals for young people in the coming period

While the KOMOTINI DINATA team led by Antonis Gravanis continues its electoral activities, they continue to explain the programmes they will implement if they win the elections.

KOMOTINI DINATA, in a press release, outlined the activities to be carried out for young people in the coming period if they are in power in the municipality.

In the statement, in which the main opposition leader Antonis Gravanis' words "Stronger "DINATA" for young people" were emphasised, the following were stated about the goals for young people;

"As KOMOTINI DINATA team, we need the perspective, creativity and courage of young people and we want to be worthy of their expectations for our region.

In the Municipality of Komotini we want to give young people the space and opportunities to develop their skills, to live the life they want, to find what they dream of.

Their active participation in the formation of local politics will make the Municipality of Komotini a place full of opportunities for young people, guaranteeing perspective, innovation and competitiveness.

In detail:

1. Establishment of a support structure for young people and provision of professional counselling

2. Start-up Incubator (early-stage investors and mentors of entrepreneurs): Creation of technology innovation centres and startup incubators that provide resources, mentoring and co-working spaces for local entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts.

3rd Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exhibition: Presentation of innovative projects and start-ups initiated in co-operation with the students of the Dimokritos University of Thrace.

This exhibition can highlight technological innovations, sustainable solutions and commercial ventures and provide a space for students to present their ideas to the public and potential investors."

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