Great participation in Xanthi Turkish Union General Assembly

Western Thrace
Mon, 10 Apr 2023 10:29 GMT
The General Assembly of the Xanthi Turkish Union was held with great participation. A total of 428 votes were cast in the General Assembly.
Great participation in Xanthi Turkish Union General Assembly

Xanthi Turkish Union (ITB) General Assembly was held on Sunday, 9 April at the Xanthi Turkish Union club. ITB Board of Directors and Auditors were elected at the General Assembly.

Despite the month of Ramadan, the general assembly was held with great participation.

The ITB general assembly started with the determination of the chairmanship of the council.

While Ali Ferhat was elected as the chairman of the council in the General Assembly , Merve Kara and Kübra Osmanoğlu were appointed as the secretary. A total of 428 votes were cast in the General Assembly.

A minute's silence was held for the deceased administrators of the Xanthi Turkish Union, the leaders of the Western Thrace Turkish Minority and those who lost their lives in the earthquakes in Türkiye.

After the establishment of the Presidency of the Council, the greeting speeches started. 

The President of Western Thrace Minority Graduates Association Hüseyin Baltacı, FEP Party Chairman Çiğdem Asafoğlu, Xanthi Deputy Burhan Baran, Xanthi Deputy Hüseyin Zeybek and Xanthi Mufti Mustafa Trampa made speeches.

Later on, ITB President Ozan Ahmetoğlu read the annual report and explained the activities carried out in a year. 

Ahmetoğlu also touched upon the current problems of  Western Thrace Turks and gave more ande fresh information about the struggle for the rights of the Xanthi Turkish Union.

In the Criticism and Suggestions Section, FEP Party Chief Advisor Mustafa Aliçavuş, Chairman of the Western Thrace Minority Schools Councils Union and ITB lawyer Ahmet Kara, retired teacher Fikri Şükrüoğlu and Former Equality List for the Municipality of Xanthi Chairman Hüseyin Bandak delivered speeches.

Mayor of Mustafçova (Miki) Rıdvan Delihüseyin, head of main opposition list and former Mayor Cemil Kabza, heads of opposition list Ahmet Kurt and Önder Meçoğlu, Former Mayor of Mustafçova Mücahit Dukkanci, Deputy Mayors of Xanthi Suha Bekiroğlu, Levent Karaosman, Deputy Chairman of Western Thrace Turkish Teachers Union Hasan Boşnak, Deputy Mufti of Xanthi Ahmet Hraloğlu, State Assembly Member Rıdvan Kurak, State President Advisor Mustafa Mustafaoğlu, Xanthi Turkish Women's Cultural Association President Aysel Sağır, Ketenlik Youth Association President Caner Dayı, Xanthi Ova Region Brotherhood Association President Ömer Muzafferoğlu, Koyunköy Youth Association President Cengiz Peçenek was among the attendees.

On behalf of the Supervisory Board, Murat Sebahattinoğlu read and presented the audit report.

 the stage of acquittal of the old administration was initiated and the board of directors was acquitted. 

Afterwards, new board of directors and supervisory board candidates were determined and voting started. 428 members in total voted in the elections.


1- Ozan AHMETOĞLU: 345 votes

2- İsmet TÜCCAR: 243 votes

3- Aydın CAMBAZ: 217 votes

4- İpek SALİHOĞLU: 212 votes

5- Sevil ŞERİFOĞLU: 163 votes

6- Barış OSMANOĞLU: 162 votes

7- Zeynur BARGAN: 159 votes


1-Levent IMAM: 231 votes

2-Hüsniye ARABACIOĞLU: 222 votes

3-Murat SEBAHATTİNOĞLU: 216 votes

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