Night of Power Message from Mustafa Trampa, Mufti of Xanthi

Western Thrace
Mon, 17 Apr 2023 11:00 GMT
Xanthi Mufti Mustafa Trampa released a message on the occasion of the Night of Power.
Night of Power Message from Mustafa Trampa, Mufti of Xanthi

The message of the Night of Power by Mustafa Trampa, Mufti of Xanthi, is as follows:

“My Dear Brothers,

We have entered the last days of Ramadan, which is the month of mercy in the beginning, forgiveness in the middle and salvation from fire at the end. I hope we reach the feast by having best revived the blessed month of Ramadan, the sultan of the eleven months that we are about to bid farewell to. As the blessed month prepares to leave us, may my Lord bring us many more blessed days and nights.

The Night of Power, which is one of the most honourable and glorious nights of our great religion Islam, is better than a thousand months, as the Quran says. Inshallah, we will revive this blessed night on Monday, April 17, on the 27th night of Ramadan. Praise be to our Lord for our Night of Power.

It is the Quran that makes the month of Ramadan blessed and makes the Night of Power more beneficial than a thousand months. The night of power, which is better than a thousand months, is a night of the Qur'an. Our holy book, the Qur'an, was revealed to our Prophet on the night of Qadr, which takes place in the month of Ramadan.

In the Qur'an, it is stated as follows: "We sent the Qur'an down in the Night of Power. Do you know how the night of power is? The night of power is better than a thousand months. Angels and spirits descend on that night for every job with the permission of their Lord. That night, peace and salvation will continue until dawn.

One of the worships we will do on such a blessed night when the Qur'an begins to descend is to read the Qur'an and ponder its meaning. The Quran is the last message of Allah Almighty to humanity. If it is well understood and applied, humanity will be happy.

Our beloved Prophet Hz. Muhammad (sav) states the following in one of his hadiths:

"If a person believes in his virtue and honor and hopes for his reward and reward from Allah, his past sins will be forgiven."

It is a great blessing for man to revive this night, which is better than a thousand months and is a complete peace from the evening of that night until the dawn.

Dear Brothers,

The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. In other words, his blessings and blessings are equivalent to the reward and reward to be obtained with a thousand months of worship. Evaluating this night properly, reviving it with worship, prayer and asking for forgiveness gives a thousand months of eternal and fruitful life in the eternal realm. In fact, the value of this night is beyond measure by day, month. For this reason, it is declared in the Quran that the night of power is better than a thousand months.

In the nights of the last ten days of Ramadan, the Messenger of Allah used to devote himself to worshiping more. On these nights, they would also wake their family members. One day, our mother Hz. Aisha asked them the following question: "O Messenger of Allah! If I know what night the night of power is and I can understand that night, how can I pray to God Almighty?"
The Prophet said: "O Allah, you are forgiving and love to forgive, so forgive my sins."

We should spend this night in prayer, forgiveness and worship, with the awareness of the fact that it is better than a thousand months.

Tonight, looking at the general situation of today's world, all of us with heartfelt and sincere feelings; Let us pray to Allah to save our world from natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods, from wars and injustices. 

As the Muslim Turkish Minority of Western Thrace, let us pray to the Almighty God for a peaceful tomorrow. Let's pray to God a lot tonight so that we will have opportunities to raise our children, who are the guarantee of our future, in the best way and to bring them into our society. Let's not forget that if we are sincere in our requests, Allah will definitely accept our prayers and this morning will be a turning point for us.

With these feelings and thoughts, I wish health, well-being and abundance from Allah Almighty, I congratulate your Night of Power, and I pray that this blessed night will be instrumental in establishing an environment of peace and tranquillity for the Islamic world and the whole world.

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