Expectations from Topsidis!

Tue, 14 Nov 2023 9:26 GMT
Stone bridges to be repaired in Western Macedonia(!)
Expectations from Topsidis!

On Monday morning, 13 November, when we first glanced at the local and national press, the news on "Stone bridges" caught our eye.

The Province of West Macedonia has provided a budget of approximately 1 million 200 thousand euros for the repair of stone bridges in the region. Well done!

The stone bridges, all of which are important historical monuments, will be repaired and at least opened to tourism. Well done to them.


How many Ottoman historical artefacts are still struggling to survive in Greece! It is endless to count.

Let's leave aside for now those buried alive in the grave. How many artefacts have survived in one form or another? Hundreds!

How many artefacts are dying? Probably hundreds!

And how many of them are waiting to be repaired! ALL OF THEM

Now, one may say, are you going to expect a regional government that has not been able to repair the Yassıköy and Kavala Bridges split into two, to repair historical stone bridges for 5 years? And you are not wrong!

Don't forget. There's fresh blood coming to the regional presidency.

January 2024 is just around the corner. This nation expects a lot from the Topsidis administration. We hear that they are already rolling up their sleeves and we are "excited".

Be sure, there are dozens of stone bridges that are historical monuments in the provinces of Xanthi, Kavala, Drama, Komotini and Evros.

I wonder if we should expect the Topsidis administration to save these stone bridges and the Ottoman historical monuments in the region and at least bring them to tourism!

We know! He promised! He promised that as soon as he was elected he would solve the classroom problem of Xanthi Minority Secondary School and High School. We do not forget this promise of Topsidis.

We will hope for a period in which first the classroom problem in the school, then the bridges in Kavala and Yassıköy, and then the stone bridges in the whole province, which are historical monuments, will be repaired. We will hope, we will follow and we will wait.

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