On his way back from Athens, MP Ferhat visits the area where hail caused damage

Western Thrace
Sat, 29 Jul 2023 11:18 GMT
On his way back from Athens, the SYRIZA MP for the prefecture of Rodopi, Özgür Ferhat, visited the villages of Uysalli, Seymen Yahyabeyli and the surrounding villages in the prefecture of Rodopi, where yesterday (Thursday 27 July) hail caused damage to cultivated lands.
On his way back from Athens, MP Ferhat visits the area where hail caused damage

Deputy Özgür Ferhat contacted Dimitris Pandazis, Director of the Agricultural Compensation Agency (ELGA) and received information on the issue.

Stating that the hail caused damage to approximately 10 thousand acres of land, Ferhat shared the following on his social media account:

"I met with ELGA Director Dimitris Pandazis in Seymen village and received detailed information about the cultivated lands that were severely damaged by yesterday's hail.

There is a damage area of almost 10 thousand acres, the farmers have reached the last stage of cultivation of the crops by the farmers and all expenses and expenses have been covered and the occurrence of this damage in this period has economically collapsed our producers.

As soon as the local ELGA authorities have finished their work, I will meet with the Director of the central ELGA in Athens and demand that 100% of the actual damage be paid as compensation and that our producers benefit from some exemptions as in similar cases in other parts of the country.

I wish all the farmers who lost their crops at the most critical point of the season, and I would like to express that I am always with them as their representative."

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