MP Candidate Sibel Mustafaoğlu meets with women

Western Thrace
Fri, 5 May 2023 8:47 GMT
Sibel Mustafaoğlu, PASOK Party Rodopi Parliamentary Candidate Sibel Mustafaoğlu, continues her visits and meetings with the kinsmen.
MP Candidate Sibel Mustafaoğlu meets with women

Continuing her visits to the inner city and villages throughout Rhodope, Mustafaoğlu met with women from the neighbourhoods at the KÖPRÜ (BRIDGE) Association, which is headquartered in Mastanlı Neighbourhood and brings together kinsmen living in Kırmahalle, Kozluköy and Mastanlı neighbourhoods under the same roof. 

Sibel Mustafaoğlu, who explained her goals to the female kinsmen and asked for their support, said the following about her visit and meeting with the women;

"Today we met with our dear ladies in Mastanlı Neighbourhood Bridge Association. We talked about our problems with women. The problems of women are always common. 

- My first job is to develop women's employment programmes and to ensure that our women participate in business life according to their own culture.

- Combating economic migration, supporting and expanding existing small businesses.

- The development of sports, cultural and mother and child activities for women, prevention and mental health programmes.

- I will ensure that an organisation is set up to support families that have been broken up by migration and to provide care for the elderly and people in need of nursing care.

- I will always be WITH YOU, I will always be ONE OF YOU... Don't worry, I am behind you. 21 May soon WE will win."

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