MP Baran: "Health services of Xanthi hospital have come to a standstill"

Western Thrace
Mon, 21 Aug 2023 9:57 GMT
Pasok MP for Xanthi Burhan Baran supported the protest rally organised in front of the city state hospital.
MP Baran: "Health services of Xanthi hospital have come to a standstill"

Participating in the protest action organised in front of the hospital, MP Baran stated that the health services in Xanthi hospital have come to a standstill.

MP Burhan Baran made the following statement on the subject:

"Today I was at the protest rally organised for our hospital, because the situation that our hospital has fallen into is now tragic. The recent statement of the Chief Physician of the Pathology (internal medicine) Clinic of our hospital, in which he declared that it is impossible for the clinic to operate safely, shows the marginal state of the National Health System.

Despite the assurances of the New Democracy Party that it will strengthen the National Health System, staff the hospitals and give incentives to doctors to work in public hospitals, especially in the provinces, so far we have seen only temporary moves, patches and wishes.

The people of Xanthi deserve free public health care, Mr Mitsotakis! I promise to stand by my people in every possible way, as I have done so far."

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