KOMOTINI DINATA: 7 major failures of Garanis

Western Thrace
Tue, 26 Sep 2023 9:31 GMT
In a press release, KOMOTINI DINATA, headed by Antonis Gravanis, referred to the failures of the Mayor of Komotini, Yannis Garanis.
KOMOTINI DINATA: 7 major failures of Garanis

In a press release, KOMOTINI DINATA, headed by Antonis Gravanis, referred to the failures of the Mayor of Komotini, Yannis Garanis.

In a press release published under the title "7 major failures of Mr Garanis", the List of Komotini Dinata stated the following about the failures of the Mayor of Komotini Yannis Garanis

"Seven major failures of Mr Garanis.

1. Failure

No transparency, no accountability.

In the Municipality of Komotini, Mr Garanis managed to put private interests above the public interest.

Mr Garanis must be sure of one thing. During his term the Municipality of Komotini turned into "a centre serving personal interests".

For four years, there has been no desire, endeavour or initiative to govern with openness, transparency and accountability.

Municipal assemblies are held without public broadcasting, municipal companies do not publish annual balance sheets, deputy mayors do not answer questions from the opposition, and the mayor himself does not hesitate to deny responsibility and even expose members of his own team.

Methods that undermine self-government and trivialise the functions of the municipal council.

- Hundreds of thousands of euros to consultants and relatives through direct appointments.

- Contractors for labour recruitment, project contracts with municipal administration persons, over-hiring and countless pre-election bribes.

There is absolutely no discussion about the necessity of the work, the selection of employees, the conclusion of contracts and the choice of suppliers.

- The categorical refusal to make public the financial and management data of the municipal enterprises, school committees, projects and programmes managed by the Municipality of Komotini.

- Years of irregular "delay" in checking, preparing and publishing balance sheets at DEYAK.

- The erosion of valid information of the citizens. For four years, with vague press releases, he has not fulfilled his obligation to submit an annual report to the citizens and the City Council, except once and under intense pressure from the opposition.

- There is no guarantee of fairness and impartiality in the conduct of local public affairs. Discussions are held behind closed doors, with zero access to information for citizens.

- Providing false information to the opposition in violation of the law and all ethical rules.

In order to prevent citizens from seeing the extent of the collapse of a morally and politically bankrupt administration, Mr Garanis has decided to deny any knowledge, any accountability and any responsibility to the citizens.

Transparency is an obligation of a mayor, not a favour to citizens. Transparency leads to trust. And you, Mr Garanis, have not been worthy of the citizens' trust."

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