FEP Party reacts to school closure: "the same story again"

Western Thrace
Thu, 20 Jul 2023 9:57 GMT
Friendship Equality Peace (FEP) Party reacted to the closure of 9 more minority primary schools in the provinces of Rodopi and Xanthi, again on the grounds of "lack of children".
FEP Party reacts to school closure: "the same story again"

In a statement regarding the closure of 7 schools in Rhodope and 2 schools in Xanthi, the party administration shared the following


Our country, Greece, continues its systematic role of playing with the fate of minority schools without slowing down. According to the decision of the Ministry of Education, in the 2023-2024 academic year, nine minority schools will have to end their education life. According to the aforementioned decision, the minority primary schools of the villages of Yahyabeyli (Amaranta), Hacımustafaköy (Amfia), Değirmendere (Darmeni), Gerdeme (Kato Kardamos), Orta Kışla (Porpi), Sasallı (Salpi), Baraklı (Stilarion) in Rhodope Province and the minority schools of the villages of Salıncak (Eora) and Mizanlı (Palio Zigo) in Xanthi Province will be locked!

After the threatening discourses and attitudes towards the Muslim Turkish Minority of Western Thrace during the recent general elections in our country, the minority is once again frustrated to be faced with such a decision.

The fact that some officials, who mention the Treaty of Lausanne in their statements against the minority at every opportunity, remember this treaty only when it comes to their business, brings to mind the saying "always the same". A minority education in which the minority has no say is the most obvious proof of how anti-democratic and far from the Treaty of Lausanne we are facing. 

We condemn this decision and hope that this mistake will be reversed as soon as possible. We will never fall into the blunder of accepting the deprivation of the right to education, which is one of the primary demands of the minority! In this context, we will continue to make our voice heard on behalf of all aggrieved minority members.

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