Deputy Zeybek Speaks in Budget Talks

Western Thrace
Sat, 17 Dec 2022 9:02 GMT
Issues Addressed by Xanthi Siriza Deputy Hüseyin Zeybek in the 2023 Budget Discussions at the General Assembly of the Parliament.
Deputy Zeybek Speaks in Budget Talks

Issues Addressed by Xanthi Siriza Deputy Hüseyin Zeybek in the 2023 Budget Discussions at the General Assembly of the Parliament.

Xanthi Siriza Deputy Hüseyin Zeybek conveyed the problems experienced by the Xanthi people in his speech at the General Assembly:

- Exclusion of the Stavroupoli (Yeniköy) region from the aid of firewood, that is, fuel,

- Problems faced by Xanthi Hospital and Echinos (Şahin) Health Center,

- Xanthi Minority High School building problem,

- The absence of a Training Center for the Vocational Education of Persons with Disabilities in the Region

and the cessation of construction of the Private Music School in the Municipality of Avdira (Bulustra).

At the beginning of his speech, he criticized the "expenditure caused by Mitsotakis" and the New Democracy Government's disastrous failure to manage the energy crisis. He stressed that the decrease in government spending, combined with the decrease in the purchasing power of workers, increased the debt of citizens. The disproportionate increase in interest rates causes the collapse of housing protection, the impoverishment of the general population, and the reduction in the food supply to students in schools, resulting in widening inequalities.

“It is obvious that we are the most expensive country in Europe in terms of fuel price and wholesale energy electricity supply and also the second-last country with the lowest per capita Gross National Product (ΑΕΠ).” Zeybek said.

MP Zeybek’s proposals are as follows:

“The suggestions as the Siriza party:

- Affixing a 5% ceiling price to the wholesale price of electricity.

- Aeduction of VAT on food to 6%.

- Reducing the SCT for the survival of the society.

The residents of Stravroupoli (Yeniköy), located in the mountainous part of Xanthi region, mostly meet their heating needs with wood during the winter months, but the residents of this region are excluded from the fuel aid. The reason is that the coefficient factor, whose limit is 0.8, is 0.79 in the region, that is, a difference of 0.01 prevents receiving fuel aid.

In the health sector, public expenditures are once again reduced, increasing the staff shortages of hospitals and Health Centers across the country. An example of this is the Xanthi Hospital, which is 30% understaffed with 60 doctors and 0 auxiliary staff, although it needs at least 101 doctors to run smoothly.

In addition, the fact that the intensive care unit is out of service because there is no specialist doctor, as a result of which serious operations cannot be performed, and the absence of insufficient specialist doctors in general makes the citizens of the whole region suffer.” he concluded his speech.

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