Antonis Gravanis announces 10 more parliamentary candidates

Western Thrace
Sat, 1 Jul 2023 21:49 GMT
Antonis Gravanis, Mayor Candidate for Komotini Municipality and President of KOMOTINI DINATA List, continues to announce the councillor candidates who will take part in his team.
Antonis Gravanis announces 10 more parliamentary candidates

Antonis Gravanis, the leader of the main opposition KOMOTINI DINATA in Komotini Municipality, continues to work intensively to enter the local elections with a strong team.

Gravanis, who aspires to the administration of Komotini Municipality with strong names to be included in the list of KOMOTINI DINATA, announces the municipal councillor candidates in his team in groups.

Gravanis announced 10 new candidates who will take part in his list. Among the announced names, there are candidates from both the minority and the majority community.

Among the announced candidates, 7 are from the majority community and 3 are from the minority community. Among the minority representatives, Mesut Hasan, one of the owners of Foto Centre, had been a candidate before. Other names will take part in politics for the first time as candidates from Gravanis' list.

One of them is lawyer Emel Kucuk Osman, one of the female lawyers of Komotini, and the other one is Ferruh Hussein, the well-known coffee shop owner of Yeni Mahalle.

The most recently announced candidates for the municipal council from the list of KOMOTINI DINATA are as follows:

- Voula Elefteriadou / Doctor - General Surgeon

- Yannis Karvouniaris / Economist

- Maria Georgiadou / Nurse

- Lambrini Domvridou / Police Officer

- Minas Mbontrotsos / Self-employed

- Emel Kucuk Osman / Lawyer

- Elefteria Likou / Special Officer

- Mesut Hasan / Self-employed

- Yannis Tsavdaridis / Retired Police Officer

- Ferruh Hüseyin / Self-employed

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