Ahmet Kurt warns municipality residents about water usage

Western Thrace
Wed, 12 Jun 2024 10:27 GMT
Mustafçova Mayor Ahmet Kurt warned the residents of the municipality to be careful about water usage.
Ahmet Kurt warns municipality residents about water usage

Stating that the worldwide problems due to climate change in recent years have also been experienced in Mustafçova Municipality, Ahmet Kurt stated that the residents of the municipality should be economical in water consumption, especially during the Feast of Sacrifice.

Emphasising that the public should be careful about using water efficiently and not using it for other purposes, Ahmet Kurt noted that as the municipal administration, they continue to work to eliminate the problem.

Ahmet Kurt's statement on the subject made today is as follows:
"Dear residents of Mustafçova Municipality, dear brothers, sisters and brothers.

As we all know, due to the climate change in recent years, both the world and our region are going through a great shortage of resources. We are all experiencing the effects of Global Warming these days. Issues such as inefficient use of the world's resources, winters without precipitation and drought, and almost no transition seasons have been among the popular conversations of recent times. Unfortunately, this problem has occurred very rapidly in our region in recent days. You all understand that I am going to connect the issue with the "water shortage". We would like you to know that with all our endeavours and means, we are here to solve not only the water problem, but also the problems in every field of our region.

And we are working for this. However, both the disorganisation of the villages under our municipality and the budget constraints of our municipality cannot take us beyond buffering this problem. Trying to solve the water problem with tankers in the short term is, as you appreciate, not a matter that can be continuous with limited resources. Our request from you as the administration is to use water efficiently, not to waste it and not to use it for other purposes.

Irrigation of gardens and agricultural lands is one of the most important issues we have identified. Today, we should be sensitive in order to prevent the interruption of more basic needs and not to take the rights of other citizens. The main solution of developed countries and developed municipalities is the efficient use of resources. This does not mean that we do not work for a permanent solution to this issue. This does not mean that our administration will take the burden of this problem off its shoulders and put it on the shoulders of the people. May you always have full faith that we will work with the same effort as we did in the first 6 months, and that we will solve many problems with projects for the next four and a half years with the mission and vision of the first day. Stay in peace."

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