Silk products produced in Sofulu introduced in Edirne

Western Thrace
Mon, 3 Jun 2024 10:53 GMT
The products obtained from silk in Sofulu district of Meriç province were introduced in Edirne.
Silk products produced in Sofulu introduced in Edirne

A silk exhibition was organised at Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ETSO) in cooperation with the Consulate of Greece in Edirne and Sofulu Regional Union Federation of Professionals, Artisans and Merchants.

Speaking at the opening of the exhibition, ETSO Chairman Sezai Irmak said that the traditional silk production in Sofulu is known by everyone in the region.

Irmak explained that silkworm farming in Edirne started with the art schools opened at the beginning of the 20th century and the first production was made in 1913, "Silkworm farming continued in the Ottoman and Republican periods and many cocoon schools were opened. Time after time, with the decrease in mulberry trees, silkworm farming has also disappeared. However, we are here to revive this traditional value in our memories. This event, where we will experience our past, will hopefully lead to new commercial collaborations."

Aristidis Radiopulos, Consul of Greece in Edirne, stated that Sofulu silk is produced with care and knowledge based on more than 150 years of experience.

Stating that it is not a coincidence that international fashion houses cooperate with the producers of Sofulu silk, Radiopulos said that Sofulu silk is exported to many countries.

Sofulu Deputy Mayor Mpaltzis Georgios thanked ETSO President Irmak for their hospitality and said that they support every activity to strengthen the commercial and cultural ties between the two countries.

After the speeches, a presentation was made about the silkworm farming in Sofulu and products produced from silk were exhibited. In the foyer area, an exhibition consisting of photographs printed on silk fabric, describing the journey of silk from mulberry tree to fabric, was opened by the members of Alexandroupolis Thrace Creative Photography Centre.

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