'Motivation Storm' breaks out in Şahin

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Tue, 9 Aug 2022 9:14 GMT
Event themed "Motivation Storm" was held in the village of Şahin (Echinos) in İskeçe (Xanthi) with the presentation of Şahin Education and Culture Association and Dr. Faruk Öndağ.
'Motivation Storm' breaks out in Şahin

Students and parents from Şahin showed great interest in the event held on Sunday, August 7 at the Kara Ayşe Cultural Center in Şahin village.

Faruk Öndağ emphasized the importance of motivation in learning in his presentation on “Motivational Storm” in Şahin village. Underlining that education and success cannot be at the desired level without motivation, Faruk Öndağ emphasized that good motivation, prejudice, and conditioning are necessary in order to achieve real and desired performance.

Öndağ said that in order for the brain to reach a high level of motivation, the storm must break out in the heart.

Faruk Öndağ, who had a sincere conversation with his fellow kinsmen, emphasized the importance of primary school teachers in education. Öndağ stated that primary school teachers can be influential enough to shape the lives of many students and that the primary school teacher has a high role in prejudice and conditioning.

Explaining that students with low success levels in secondary and high school education can achieve high success thanks to motivation, Faruk Öndağ presented examples on this subject.

After the event, the kinsfolk of Şahin showed great interest in Faruk Öndağ's books. Faruk Öndağ signed his books and took a souvenir photo with the young people.

Şahinli students and parents expressed their satisfaction with the organization of Şahin Education and Culture Association. At the end of the program, Association President Oktay Hoçka thanked Faruk Öndağ for accepting their invitation. President Hoçka also thanked the participants who listened to the program with great attention by showing a high level of participation.


Faruk Ondag
He was born in Ankara, grew up in Bursa İnegöl. “You study medicine, Faruk, a white coat suits you, son.” A great teacher (Hikmet Şahin) said him. He attended medical school and wore a white coat. He specialized in Siyami Ersek Thoracic, Cardiovascular Surgery Training and Research Hospital.

While he was dreaming of algology (science of pain), he encountered another great teacher, Şefik Can. This great sage said, “Do you know the taste of learning, have you tasted it?”. In this direction, he completed his clinical psychology master's degree and started working in line with her new goal: "To be able to convey the taste and sanctity of learning by touching the hearts and minds of Turkish students and Turkish teachers...

Faruk Öndağ has been preparing students who will take the exam for nearly twenty years. Faruk Öndağ, who does his main work with degree groups, supports students with his expert team in areas such as coping with exam anxiety, managing exam psychology, accelerating and developing learning. He prepared and broadcast programs on two national radios and participated in many national channels. Faruk Öndağ, who has 6 books already published; In addition, he carries out a wide range of studies and projects within the scope of in-service training with numerous companies, institutions and municipalities. He is also the founder of Faruk Öndağ Academy.

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