Caner Imam's list includes 8 new candidates

Western Thrace
Sat, 29 Jul 2023 11:35 GMT
Yassıköy Mayor Candidate Caner Imam continues to update the electoral list he chairs with new candidates while preparing for the local elections.
Caner Imam's list includes 8 new candidates

The mayoral candidate continues to add new names to his list while publicising both the councillor candidates and the headman candidates in groups.

Caner İmam announced 8 new names in one week, 4 last week and 4 this week. The new names and regions included in his list are as follows:

1. Nihal Hasan from Büyük Müsellim for Susurköy region.
2. Mümin Mümin from Yassıköy for Yassıköy district.
3. Ipek Memet from Yassıköy for Yassıköy local council.
4. Cüneyt Mümin from Büyük Müsellim for Büyük Müsellim local council.

5- Eleftheriadou Sultana (Suzi) from Palazli for Yassıköy district.
6- Sibel Hacı Ali from Bulatköy for Susurköy district.
7- Nevgül Adem from Yalanca village for Yassıköy local council.
8- Ayşe Ömer from Gebecili village for Bulatköy local council.

Yassıköy Mayoral Candidate Av. Caner Imam announced the 8 names who agreed to join his list and thanked them on social media for strengthening his team.

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