Greece accuses Türkiye for immigrants

Fri, 19 Aug 2022 14:16 GMT
While there has been refugee tension between Türkiye and Greece, especially in the Aegean, a statement came from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs accusing Türkiye.
Greece accuses Türkiye for immigrants

Greece has accused Türkiye for the immigrants being stuck on an islet on the Maritza River on the border for about 7 days, which is on the agenda of the world.

The echoes of the 38 Syrian immigrants who were stranded on an islet in the Meriç River last month, were evacuated by the Greek authorities and taken to Greek territory.

While the desperate incident experienced by the immigrants, consisting of 22 men, 9 women, and 7 children, was still on the agenda of the international community, a statement came from the government accusing Turkey.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused Türkiye for what happened, claiming that it had trapped migrants on the island "to create a new problem".

"While Türkiye continues to use immigration as a weapon, it wants to create a new crisis at the border," the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement

38 immigrants were stranded on the Meriç River in Alexandroupolis (Evros) province, which forms the border of Greece with Turkey, for 7 days, where a 5-year-old girl died due to a scorpion sting.

After a desperate wait, the migrants were rescued on Monday.

In the news in the Greek media, it was stated that 35 of the 38 immigrants who reached the Greek territory were Syrians and 3 were Palestinians. While the Greek media claimed that they were "encouraged to enter Greek territory by the Turkish military police" in the statements of the defendants, it was reported that they were eventually caught in the Lavara region.

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