Youth flocks to Fatma Turgut's concert

Western Thrace
Tue, 9 Aug 2022 9:04 GMT
Young people from Western Thrace flocked to the concert of the famous artist Fatma Turgut in the town square of Komotini.
Youth flocks to Fatma Turgut's concert

The tenth Youth Festival, organized by the Young Academics Community (GAT), operating under the umbrella of the Western Thrace Minority Graduates Association (BTAYTD), was held in Komotini city square on Sunday, August 7th.

The event started with the greeting speech of GAT President Anıt Veli. In his speech, Anıt Veli said, “The crowd here tonight is the registration of the unity of the minority youth. When we aspired to take office in the GAT elections, I said that we should not act as the youth of Xanthi, Komotini, and Alexandroupoli, but as the youth of Western Thrace as a whole, and we will work for this. We are happy to see that we have achieved positive results in this regard. The simplest example of this is that three different teams from Xanthi participated in the Sadık Ahmet football tournament, of which we are one of the organizers. We are in constant contact with the youth branches of our minority organizations and we always keep on our agenda what we can do for minority youth. When we look at this crowd tonight, I see a community coming from all corners of Western Thrace to have fun side by side, and I say that whatever our title is, our aim is to unite and prepare the future of minority youth. With these feelings and thoughts, I thank all of you and offer my respects.”

Head of BTAYTD Hüseyin Baltacı started his speech by greeting all the participants and thanked those who contributed to the realization of the event. Stating that music is the heart language and culture of all people of the whole world,“The common denominator of the Greek and Turkish peoples is music and culture. I would like to thank our youth for building this cultural bridge,” Baltacı said.

Afterwards, plaques were presented to those who contributed to the event.

After the speeches, the 'Restore' group consisting of local artists took the stage. The beautiful songs sang by the group were accompanied by young people from time to time.

Later, singer Fatma Turgut from Turkey took the stage and gave a magnificent concert to the young people.

The festival in Komotini city square, Turkey's Consul General to Komotini Murat Ömeroğlu, Xanthi Deputy Burhan Baran, BTAYTD President Hüseyin Baltacı and board members, Young Academics Community President Anıt Veli and board members, EMT Region Vice President Tarkan Multaza, Region President Advisors Ahmet İbram, and Cihan İmamoğlu, FEP Party Deputy Chairman Metin Hacıosman, FEP Party Youth Branch President Burak Adil, Komotini Turkish Youth Union President Sedat Hasan, Komotini Municipality Council Member Mesut Mehmet, Member of the Board of Directors of the Greek Anti-Drugs, Prevention Against Addiction and Mental Health Centers Sibel Mustafaoğlu, Kozlukebir Municipality Main Opposition Chairman Erdem Hüseyin and many kinsmen attended.

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