Vice-presidents and advisors in the Region administration been announced

Western Thrace
Fri, 30 Dec 2022 8:59 GMT
East Macedonia – Thrace Region President Christos Metios announced the new vice presidents and advisors before the new year starts. State Councilor Ahmet İbram became the Vice President for Management, Economy, and Sports.
Vice-presidents and advisors in the Region administration been announced

Cihan İmamoğlu, on the other hand, will continue his duty as the Consultant in charge of Monitoring the European Programs and Mountainous Areas Development Practice.

In the written statement made today (Thursday 29 December), it was observed that there was no change in the vice presidents of the states responsible for the regions.

Vice President for Entrepreneurship, Research and Innovation Konstantinos Antoniadis (Kavala), Provincial Vice President for Agriculture, Development and Livestock Vasilios Delistamatis (Evros), Vice President for Management, Economy and Sports Ahmet İbram (Rhodop), Provincial Vice President for Infrastructure Mihalis Amiridis ( Xanthi), Vice President for Development, International Relations Arhelaos Granas (Kavala), Vice President for Social Policies and Culture Aristidis Moisiadis (Drama), Vice President for Environment, Energy and Transport Christos Gakis (Kavala).

Cardiologist Vasilis Lurbas, President of the Rhodope Chamber of Physicians, who took the oath and replaced Kostas Nalbantis, was appointed as the Vice President of Health.

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