New Democracy to endeavour to collect votes by "landing" in Western Thrace

Western Thrace
Thu, 8 Jun 2023 16:49 GMT
New Democracy Party is preparing to make a "landing" in Western Thrace before the 25 June elections.
New Democracy to endeavour to collect votes by "landing" in Western Thrace

21 May elections, the New Democracy Party, which achieved a great success throughout the country but could not form a government on its own, is preparing to "land" in Western Thrace where it could get very few votes from the Turkish Minority voters before the 25 June elections.

The New Democracy Party, which came second only in the province of Rhodope throughout Greece and could not achieve the success it wanted throughout Western Thrace, especially in recent years, aims to increase its vote rate in Western Thrace before the 25 June elections.

Instead of dialogue and reconciliation with the Turkish Minority of Western Thrace, the regional MPs, state, some municipalities, local organizations and party staff of the NDP government, which ignored the demands of the minority and turned a deaf ear to these demands, will try to collect votes in Western Thrace.

According to the results of the 21 May elections, NDP, which was not successful in the province of Rhodope, aims to make the province of Rhodope, which is the only second place in the 25 June elections, blue. 

The programme of the party staff's visits to Western Thrace was also announced. NDP has sent Dora Bakoyanni to Komotini and Nikos Hardalias and Dimitris Keridis to Xanthi. 

According to the press office of the party, Nikos Hardalias and Dimitris Keridis will visit Xanthi on Thursday 8 June. Hardalias and Keridis will visit the municipalities of Topiros, Bulustra (Avdira) and Mustafçova and some villages of these municipalities. On the same day, the two will also visit the Municipality of Xanthi and meet with the NDP provincial organisation and some party staff in Xanthi. 


On the other hand, it was announced that former Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyanni will visit the province of Rodopi on Friday, 9 June. It was stated that Bakoyanni and the accompanying delegation will visit the villages of the Balkan branch of the province of Rodopi. Bakoyanni is also expected to meet with the President of the Eastern Macedonian Thrace Province Christos Metios and some NGO representatives.


On the other hand, Kyriakos Mitsotakis is also expected to take part in the NDP's "expedition" to Western Thrace. It was announced that former Prime Minister and YDP president Mitsotakis may visit Komotini a few days before the 25 June elections. While the exact date was not specified, detailed information about his visit to the region was not shared.

On Wednesday 7 June, Mitsotakis made contacts in Kavala. On the same day, Mitsotakis will also visit Keramoti and Thassos.

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