Help for earthquake victims from Yassıköy compatriots

Western Thrace
Mon, 13 Mar 2023 9:56 GMT
The people of Yassıköy (Iasmos) did not forget the earthquake victims in their homeland Türkiye.
Help for earthquake victims from Yassıköy compatriots

Under the leadership of the women of Yassıköy, with the support of the youth of the village charity bazaar was held on Sunday, March 12, 2023, in the village square for the earthquake victims.

Greek Christian citizens residing in the same village also contributed to the bazaar organized by Muslim Turks residing in Yassıköy (Iasmos) by shopping.

The kinsmen from the surrounding villages showed great interest in the bazaar. The elected administrators of the minority community did not leave the charitable people of Yassıköy alone.
For the same purpose, hundreds of sensitive citizens gathered in Yassıköy to heal the wounds of the earthquake victims, to share their troubles and and to help them as much as they can.

Eser Kadir, who gave information on behalf of the organising committee of Yassıköy about the charity bazaar, said that a large amount of the money to be collected from the stands where food, beverage and clothing items are sold will be sent to the homeland to be used for the benefit of earthquake victims. She stated that a small amount of the income of the kermes (bazaar) will be used to help the 8-year-old child Mahir from Xanthi.

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