Candidates of the HOPE List introduced

Western Thrace
Wed, 13 Sep 2023 11:25 GMT
Kozlukebir Mayor Candidate and President of the HOPE List Tarkan Multaza introduced the candidates in his team at a meeting organised this evening.
Candidates of the HOPE List introduced

Councillor and muhtar candidates from the UMUT List, which was established under the leadership of Tarkan Multaza for the administration of Kozlukebir Municipality, came together this evening at a promotional meeting organised at a hotel in Komotini.

In the first part of the introductory meeting, the participants were informed about the establishment process of the HOPE List and then the list chairman Tarkan Multaza made a speech to his team.

Tarkan Murtaza started his speech by greeting the participants. Afterwards, he thanked the councillor and mukhtar candidates who trusted, believed and ran for the HOPE List, of which he was the chairman, and those who supported the HOPE List wholeheartedly even though they were not candidates.

Afterwards, Tarkan Multaza, who explained why and how the HOPE List was established and why they as a team aspired to the administration of Kozlukebir Municipality, stated the following in his speech:

"Dear fellow councillor candidates and muhtar candidates, distinguished guests and members of the press, I greet you all with my sincerest feelings, love and respect. I am very pleased to be with you at the last list meeting of the local government elections of 2023.

On 8 October, I wish that the local government elections to be held will be auspicious for our country, our minority and our region. As you know, the court ruled and there were no problems with our list. May our new list and your candidacy be auspicious and may God bless you.

I would like to once again thank and express my gratitude to all our friends who came together under the name of Hope List in this election and contributed to our struggle for democracy. I would also like to send my thanks to everyone who supported us in the previous process and will support us in the upcoming process.

I would like to start my speech by explaining the purpose of the establishment of our list. I am of the opinion that the municipal administration has recently been inadequate in fulfilling even its basic duties. In 21st century Europe, the fact that our villages still have problems even in basic needs such as water and transport, infrastructure and superstructure deficiencies are unacceptable and must be overcome.

In addition to these, the lack of projects that will attract investors and develop our region is also in front of our eyes. In addition, the silence of the main opposition list against all these facts and its failure to achieve sufficient success in the field of opposition necessitates the establishment of a new and dynamic list in the region. Our list is aware of all these problems and has been established to take part in the 2023 local elections in order to find solutions to these problems and bring new hopes."

After his speech, Tarkan Multaza introduced the councillor candidates from four different regions, namely Kozlukebir, Sirkeli, Hemetli and Mehrikoz by inviting them to the stage one by one. Afterwards, councillors and muhtar candidates took a souvenir photo together.

The second part of the meeting was closed to the press.

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