PRORATA poll: fall for the ND, "no one" is more suitable

Wed, 17 Apr 2024 9:26 GMT
A new poll is published, this time by PRORATA on behalf of Attica TV
PRORATA poll: fall for the ND, "no one" is more suitable

A significant strengthening of the parties that move to the right of New Democracy is recorded by the political barometer conducted by PRORATA on behalf of ATTICA TV. The survey reflects both the reasons that cause the movements of conservative voters and the electoral trends in general, in view of the upcoming European elections.

In the first section of the poll, which records the electoral behaviour of voters who position themselves on the right of the political spectrum, the factors that lead to electoral movements towards the parties to the right of New Democracy are prioritised. According to the survey, the most important role in the electoral preference of those who moved from June 2023 to date to a party to the right of New Democracy was played by "the party's move away from its traditional positions" (60%), while the developments that most affected voters in this category were: the passing of the law on same-sex couples (51%), the increase in crime (34%), the handling of the Tempi case (31%) and accuracy (24%).

When asked what voters who position themselves on the centre-right intend to vote for, the dominance of Kyriakos Mitsotakis is unquestionable (ND 54%, Hellenic Solution 14%). The picture changes, however, when those who position themselves on the right and the extreme right are asked to answer, where ND is pressured by Hellenic Solution (31 vs. 30%), while Niki appears to get 8%, Voice of Logic 7% and Spartans 3%. All respondents, however, think that in the European elections the parties to the right of ND will rise (58%), while only 22% think they will remain at the same level.

Who loses - who wins

The second section of PRORATA's barometer for Attica TV records the electoral trends that have emerged ahead of the European elections and the issues that most influence voters' votes. According to the poll (voting intention with reduction of the number of valid votes, i.e. without abstention), ND is leading with 25.5%, SYRIZA is second with 13%, PASOK - KINAL is third with 11%, while Hellenic Solution is ranked fourth with 8.5%, followed by KKE with 8% and Eleftherias with 4%. The strength of the New Left is recorded at 3.5%, 3% for Victory, 2% for MERA 25, while Democrats, Voice of Logic and Spartans gather 1.5% each. The KOSMOS is recorded with 1%. Compared to the previous PRORATA survey for ATTICA TV (January 2024), ND shows a decline of 4.5 points, SYRIZA a rise of 2.5 points and PASOK a decline of 2 points. The KKE also shows a decline (from 9 to 8%), while the Hellenic Solution (8.5 from 5%) shows a significant increase. The trends are upward for the Eleftherias Party (4 from 2.5%) and for the New Left (3.5 from 3%). In the assessment of the electoral influence of the parties for the European elections, the survey shows ND moving from 28 to 32%, SYRIZA from 13.5 to 16.5%, PASOK - KINAL from 11.5 to 14.5%, Hellenic Solution from 9 to 11% and KKE from 8 to 10%. According to PRORATA's estimate, 3.5 to 5% is the range of influence of the Eleftherias Party, 3 to 4.5% of the New Left and 2.5 to 4% of Victory.

Ahead of the "Nobody"

Interesting are the findings also in the question "which political leader do you trust most for prime minister", where the lead of Kyriakos Mitsotakis over all the others remains large (33% against 6% of St. Kasselakis and K. Velopoulos), but 40% of those surveyed say that they do not trust anyone. In the list of the issues that most influence the vote of the respondents, accuracy remains in the first place (46%), but crime (30%), corruption and scandals (25%), Tempi (24%) and developments in the NHS (19%) have a significant impact on voters. Finally, when asked how public opinion views the possibility of legalising the term "femicide", 65% answer positively, 17% indifferently and 15% negatively.

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