March in support of Palestine organised in Athens

Mon, 29 Jan 2024 10:13 GMT
Protesters marched in Athens against Israel's attacks on Palestine, demanding an end to support for Israel.
March in support of Palestine organised in Athens

While Israel's attacks on Palestine continue, a march in support of Palestine was organised in Athens, the capital of Greece.

The protesters gathered at Eleftheria (Freedom) Park and marched to the Israeli Embassy in Athens.

Firstly, the protesters marched in front of the US Embassy in Athens, chanting slogans in English and demanding an end to the support for Israel.

Throughout the march, the streets of Athens echoed with slogans of "Freedom for Palestine".

The protesters also chanted "No solution without justice" and emphasised that the establishment of a free Palestinian state is essential for a solution.

The protesters demanded Israel to stop its attacks on Palestine and called on the peoples of the world to stand on the right side of history and support Palestine.

Naim el Gadur, President of the Association of Muslims in Greece, who participated in the demonstration, made a statement to AA correspondent and evaluated the injunction issued against Israel yesterday at the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

"At least for the first time in history, the State of Israel has realised that it is not above the law," Gadur said, adding that yesterday's decision did not make the supporters of Palestine very happy, as the attacks against Palestine have not yet ended.

Emphasising that the ICJ's decision was a start, Gadur said, "Now it is time to go to the United Nations (UN) Security Council and stop Israel as a unity."

Palestinian Hassan Muhendis, most of whose family is still in Gaza, said:

"The Israelis rounded up our children in Gaza and beat them. Israel tells Palestinians to go to safe places, but there is no safe place. They took my son. My son is 16 years old. They took him away and we don't know where he is now. We ask the free world to support us to gain our freedom and establish our own state."

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