Young Eray Ibram victim of a traffic accident sent off with tears

Western Thrace
Sat, 15 Apr 2023 9:17 GMT
Young Eray Ibram, who lost his life in a traffic accident in Komotini yesterday at noon, was sent off with tears at the funeral attended by hundreds of people.
Young Eray Ibram victim of a traffic accident sent off with tears

The news of the death of young Eray Ibram, who hit the vehicle hard with his motorbike and breathed his last breath at the scene of the accident, had grieved Western Thrace.

After the autopsy procedures of young Eray, whose body was taken from the accident scene after the accident yesterday and taken to Komotini Sismaoğlu State Hospital, a funeral ceremony was held today after the Asr prayer.

In front of Eray's house in Mastanlı neighbourhood of Komotini, the family, relatives, neighbours and all acquaintances were asked for forgiveness and prayers were offered.

At the ceremony organised in front of the house, tears flooded for Eray who fell victim to the traffic monster in the spring of his life.

The funeral of Eray, who grieved everyone, was then taken to Mastanlı. After the funeral prayers were performed, the congregation was taken as a sign of peace, and Eray Ibram was buried by his loved ones and sent off to eternity.

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