Xanthi and Avdira water management officers to go on strike

Western Thrace
Sun, 19 Mar 2023 9:50 GMT
The Greek Water Administration Federation opposes the government's proposal to privatize waters to the parliament.
Xanthi and Avdira water management officers to go on strike

The Greek Water Service Federation opposes legislation that would allow the government to privatize waters submitted to parliament and to transfer municipal water and sewerage businesses to private companies.

The federation declared a nationwide 24-hour general strike on Monday, March 20, opposing the government's efforts to privatize water and sewerage businesses.

It has been announced that the water and sewerage departments of Xanthi and Avdira municipalities will also participate in the general strike decision of the Federation.

The Greek Federation of Water and Sewerage Administrations issued a statement against the government's privatization efforts, stating that water is not a commercial product and should be under the control of non-profit government agencies. Reminding that the said legal amendment, which the government intends to make, is unconstitutional, the statement demanded compliance with the decisions previously published by the Council of State.

It was noted that on Monday, March 20, a protest rally was held in front of the Xanthi Workers' Center in Xanthi with the slogan "NO TO PRIVATE WATER" and all citizens were invited to the rally. It was reminded that the rally in question will begin at 10:00 in the morning.

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