The 4th "Women's Meetings" took place in Ketenlik

Western Thrace
Tue, 21 Mar 2023 10:28 GMT
The 4th "Xanthi Turkish Union (ITB), Women's Meetings" was held on Monday, March 20, 2023, in Ketenlik village of Xanthi.
The 4th "Women's Meetings" took place in Ketenlik

The 4th "Xanthi Turkish Union (ITB), Women's Meetings " was held on Monday, March 20, 2023, in Ketenlik village of Xanthi.

'Women's Meetings' organized by ITB Women 's Branch and ITB courses took place this week at ITB Sewing and Embroidery course.

ITB Deputy Chairman Sevil Şerifoğlu, Western Thrace Turkish Women's Platform Spokesperson and Head of ITB Women 's Branch Zeynur Bargan, Western Thrace Minority Graduates Association President Hüseyin Baltacı's wife Özlem Otuzbir, members of ITB Women 's Branch and ITB Sewing - Embroidery trainees and many women from Ketenlik (Kentavros) participated in the event. 

The opening speech of the event was made by the course instructor Hamide Veli. Hamide Veli thanked everyone who attended the event and expressed her pleasure to host them. Then,  Zeynur Bargan took the floor and expressed their pleasure to meet with the women from Ketenlik at a joint event and expressed that she believed that these events, which they organize together with Xanthi Turkish Union courses, would be very beneficial for women .

Finally, Xanthi Turkish Union Vice President Sevil Şerifoğlu gave information about the 'Women's Meetings' series of events and said: "As the Xanthi Turkish Union, we aim to contribute to our women, whom we see as the cornerstone of society, in different fields, as well as keeping the Turkish culture in Western Thrace alive.

In order to respond to their needs in social areas as well, bringing them together with experts from time to time in line with their wishes, bringing them together with representatives of organizations such activities as working meals, picnics and excursions, making them healthier, happier and more peaceful women.

We aim to see mothers and wives. While we are doing this, we will continue these activities in consultation with our other institutions." she said.

In her speech, Özlem Otuzbir, wife of WTMG Association President Hüseyin Baltacı, thanked for the invitation and expressed her pleasure for participating in this event.

Finally, the guest of the event in Ketenlik, Psychologist Buket Kadri, in her speech on "Giving Positive Behavior to Children", stated that the best communication with children is a healthy communication method that can be established by listening to them and trying to understand them.

In the event, which was mostly in the form of questions and answers, psychologist Buket Kadri answered all the questions of the women .

At the end of the event, traditional foods prepared by the trainees were offered to the guests.

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