Nurse Çiler Tahsinoğlu candidate for the region parliament from Toptsidis' list

Western Thrace
Sat, 9 Sep 2023 8:35 GMT
Çiler Tahsinoğlu, a nurse from Xanthi, became a candidate for the provincial council from the Regional Synthesis list headed by Hristos Toptsidis.
Nurse Çiler Tahsinoğlu candidate for the region parliament from Toptsidis' list

Çiler Tahsinoğlu was born in 1987 in Sünnetçiköy. After completing primary school in the village primary school, Çiler completed secondary school at Xanthi Minority Secondary School. After graduating from the vocational school of nursing, Çiler Tahsinoğlu operates as a business owner in the field of private nursing services.

Çiler Tahsinoğlu made a statement about her candidacy to Millet newspaper: "After I received the offer to be a candidate for Region Assembly Member, I accepted the offer because I am always in touch with people professionally. Since I provide private nursing services, I am always in touch with people's problems. I believe that I can establish a very strong communication with people. Therefore, I am seeking the votes of our people from all walks of life. We will always respect the choice of our people, we will endeavour to fulfil whatever task our people give us. I believe that I will reflect my experience I have gained in the field of human relations due to my profession to the region parliament. We aspire to regional service with the Regional Synthesis list. I wish success to all my fellow candidates."

She is a nurse, married and mother of a child.

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