MILLET's broadcast causes a public outcry for traffic accidents

Western Thrace
Tue, 29 Aug 2023 10:09 GMT
MİLLET Newspaper listened to the voices of the people who are fed up with the frequent traffic accidents at the Bulgarian exit of Komotini-Kalfa road and reported the problem to the public.
MILLET's broadcast causes a public outcry for traffic accidents

The frequent traffic accidents at the exit of the Bulgarian road on the Komotini-Kalfa road in the Rhodope region in recent years have started to seriously worry the citizens.

Especially in the summer months, foreigners from neighbouring countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine, who want to spend their holidays in Greece, use the exit to take a break in Komotini and because of the mound of soil on the left side of the road, foreigners cannot clearly see the vehicles coming from the direction of Komotini or Kalfa, which causes frequent traffic accidents at the point in question.

A fatal accident occurred on Sunday night at the exit of Komotini on the road coming from Bulgaria. An Audi car coming from Bulgaria collided with a motorbike driven by 22-year-old Hakan Çakır İsmail from Kalenderköy. While Bulgarian citizens were injured in the tragic accident, the young cognate unfortunately died on the spot.

The citizens of Rhodope, who did not keep silent about MILLET's news, expressed their serious discomfort with the accidents in their comments under the posts and stated that something should be done as soon as possible to prevent more fatal accidents.

MİLLET Newspaper responded to the public outcry and broadcasted live from the scene of the traffic accident and the reasons seen by the public.

The video of our newspaper's Komotini Officer, journalist Ramadan Molla, who broadcasted live yesterday from the area where the Bulgarian exit of the Komotini-Kalfa road is located, conveying the demands and requests of the people to the officials of the company responsible for the Bulgarian road and the elected officials of the region, has been shared many times in a short time on social media and has been watched thousands of times and continues to be watched.


The news of our newspaper about the fatal accident on Sunday night, the reactions and rebellion of the people and the live broadcast we made from the scene as MİLLET newspaper made an impact.

SYRIZA Party Rodopi MP Özgür Ferhat did not remain silent to the revolt of the people and the cry of the nation.  MP Ferhat submitted a parliamentary question addressed to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the Ministry of Citizen Protection regarding the traffic accidents on the Komotini - Kalfa road at the Bulgarian turn-off.

In his parliamentary question, MP Özgür Ferhat drew attention to the traffic accidents on the aforementioned road route and emphasised that the people of the region have justified objections on this issue.

Noting that the government authorities should approach this issue seriously, Ferhat stated that there is a heavy traffic flow on the road and that he would like to see an end to the traffic accidents on this road.

In his parliamentary question, MP Özgür Ferhat asked the following questions to the relevant ministers:

-Do you plan to improve the existing infrastructure by supporting measures and projects that will reduce traffic accidents and increase road safety?

-Do you have a plan to rearrange the traffic signs or to eliminate the problems experienced at this point, taking into account the traffic accident data at this point?


Hakan Çakır İsmail, 22 year old Hakan Çakır İsmail from Kalenderköy lost his life in a traffic accident that occurred yesterday evening (Sunday 27 August) at the Bulgarian turn-off on the Komotini - Kalfa road. I wish God's mercy to Hakan Çakır İsmail, who lost his life at a young age, and I wish patience to his family, relatives and all his loved ones.

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