Greece says Türkiye, Greece owe good neighbourly relations to future generations

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Sun, 26 Nov 2023 10:14 GMT
Minister of Foreign Affairs Yerapetritis stated that his country will participate in the meeting of the Greek-Turkish Foreign Economic Cooperation Council with a sincere intention of co-operation.
Greece says Türkiye, Greece owe good neighbourly relations to future generations

Foreign Minister Gerapetritis stated that his country will participate in the meeting between Türkiye and Greece with a sincere intention of cooperation and noted that both countries owe peaceful neighbourly relations to future generations.

Greek Foreign Minister Yorgos Yerapetritis said that his country will attend the 5th High Level Cooperation Council (HLCC) meeting between Türkiye and Greece on 7 December with a sincere intention of cooperation.

Gerapetritis, in his article for the Parapolitika newspaper, made evaluations regarding the 5th meeting between Türkiye and Greece to be held on 7 December.

In the article titled "We welcome the Cooperation Council with Turkey with knowledge and seriousness", Gerapetritis underlined the geographical location and pointed out that Türkiye and Greece are experiencing dynamic processes in their geography.

Gerapetritis noted that thanks to strong governments, calm has prevailed in the Aegean for months and that the expressed intentions to improve bilateral relations are positive for the current situation.

In this context, Gerapetritis noted that communication channels between the two countries have been improved in recent months, which has improved the level of mutual understanding and contributed to the establishment of the necessary personal relations.

"The Greek government is coming to the GCC with the intention of sincere co-operation under these circumstances," Gerapetritis said.

Stating that they do not ignore that the two sides have different perceptions on international issues, Gerapetritis said: "National sovereignty issues cannot be discussed in any way. We are focusing on mutually beneficial issues for both countries, namely a positive agenda with a more commercial and economic character, and confidence-building measures on defence and military aspects."

Gerapetritis emphasised that Greece is prepared for all diplomatic scenarios and noted that they are aware of the value of the current positive climate, the calm in rhetoric and action, and the necessary tools to de-escalate tensions.

Stating that Greece is ready to negotiate for the solution of the problems between the two countries regarding the continental shelf and the Exclusive Economic Zone if the conditions mature, Yerapetritis said in his article: "The Greek government welcomes the upcoming Cooperation Council with knowledge and seriousness, taking into account future generations. We owe it to future generations to bequeath a peaceful international neighbourhood that will contribute to the prosperity and progress of our country."

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