FEP Party condemns the speech of 2nd Deputy Speaker of Parliament Athanasiu

Western Thrace
Sat, 13 Aug 2022 10:21 GMT
FEP Party strongly condemned the rhetoric of Haralampos Athanasiu, the 2nd Deputy Speaker of the Greek Parliament, that minority deputies can be heard.
FEP Party condemns the speech of 2nd Deputy Speaker of Parliament Athanasiu

Reacting to the 2nd  Vice President of the Greek Parliament Haralampos Athanasiu's statement that Muslim (Turkish Minority) deputies in the country can be heard if necessary for national security reasons, FEP Party strongly condemned these statements in a written statement.

The FEP Party made the following statement:
"The continuation of acts of marginalization, prejudice and treatment of second-class citizens in our country, Greece, along with the idea that we have the same constitutional rights as a minority, are regrettable and unlawful acts.

New Democracy deputy and the 2nd  Speaker of the Parliament, Haralampos Athanasiu, in the television program participated; The fact that he used the words "in some cases, deputies can also be listened to by the intelligence, for example, Muslim (Minority) deputies.." is a clear indication of this crowd that is marginalizing and harboring hatred. In particular, the fact that these words were uttered by a person who served as the former Ministry of Justice, who is still a deputy and 2nd Speaker of the Parliament and who represents the country at a high level, is a concrete expression of the games played against the minority and the injustices done.”

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