Four dead from gunshots in Glyfada-Athens

Mon, 12 Feb 2024 11:52 GMT
Dead are the CEO of the shipping company, the wife of the financial director, an employee and the perpetrator who committed suicide.
Four dead from gunshots in Glyfada-Athens

Repeated gunshots were heard shortly after 10am on Monday (12/2) at the offices of a shipping company in Glyfada.

Specifically, the perpetrator, a former employee of the company broke into the building and shot at former colleagues.

Three people died from gunshots, while the Egyptian perpetrator, a former employee of the same company, in the position of a janitor, barricaded himself in the building and before the SWAT team entered, he fled to the basement, where he committed suicide.

The building is located at 2 Artemisiou Street and the perpetrator, of Egyptian origin, is 70 years old. The perpetrator's name is El Bourai and everyone called him "Aris".

According to information from "Zoungla", the perpetrator had been a long-time employee of the shipping company, in the position of a foreman, but had been fired.

The SWAT team entered the company looking for the perpetrator, who was holed up and armed on the second floor.

They even released two women, whom the perpetrator had locked in the bathroom.

Latest reports say that SWAT men, who were inside the building, saw three people lying on the floor, who were motionless.

As a result of the shooting, all three fell dead.

They were two men and a woman, the company's general manager, the wife of the financial director and an employee who tried to disarm the attacker. In fact, it is a person who is related to the General Manager and was a captain in the company.

The assailant entered the company with a shotgun from the parking lot and upon entering said he was "going inside to clean up."

He went up to the first floor where he shot two employees and then went up to the second floor where he shot a woman.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the shooter committed suicide and was found dead in the basement of the building.

Due to the operation, police have suspended vehicular traffic in many streets and investigation continues. 

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