"Never forget that your mother tongue is a precious treasure"

Western Thrace
Sun, 16 Jun 2024 10:39 GMT
Western Thrace Turkish Teachers' Union (BTTÖB) President Aydın Ahmet issued a message on the occasion of the end of the academic year.
"Never forget that your mother tongue is a precious treasure"

Emphasising the importance of mother tongue in the message, President Aydın Ahmet said: "Never forget that your mother tongue is a very precious treasure for you. Your mother tongue, which constitutes your self and identity, will give you an infinite self-confidence and will open the doors of a second language you will learn."

The message of BTTÖB President Aydın Ahmet is as follows:

"We have come to the end of another academic year. Dear students, valuable teachers and precious parents, you deserve a rest and a nice holiday after a busy academic year.

Dear students,

The report cards you will receive at the end of an education and training year are only for a status assessment. It helps you to evaluate your situation and make a future plan. You have worked hard for a year and made great efforts to increase your knowledge and experience. Naturally, you are tired. It is your most natural right to rest and have a nice holiday. But holidays are not a time to waste time, and learning is not limited to school. You have to act with the awareness of being a minority child and youth. You are our future. The continuation of our culture and the ability of our minority to look forward to a brighter future depends on your efforts and endeavours to improve yourselves. You must improve yourselves and enrich your knowledge. For this purpose, besides playing games as much as possible, you should read books that you like and enjoy reading. The best way to improve your mother tongue Turkish and to increase your knowledge is to make friends with books. Never forget that your mother tongue is a very precious treasure for you. Your mother tongue, which constitutes your self and identity, will give you an infinite self-confidence and will open the doors of a second language you will learn. One of the easiest methods of accessing books is libraries. You should make a habit of going to libraries, borrowing books from them, and returning the books on time so that another friend can benefit from the books read. Try to stay away from digital games, which have become very widespread recently and which are very easy to access, especially for children, as much as possible. These games both prevent you from socialising and waste precious time. Even your games should be with your friends and involve movement. I wish you a nice holiday where you will have a pleasant time.

Dear Colleagues,

You have left behind a year of education and training together with our students. We appreciate and thank you for your efforts for the education of our children with patience, perseverance, love and compassion. Acting on the fact that a teacher is a student until the last breath, I think that the holiday will be an opportunity for you to learn new teaching methods. The modernisation of minority education, the enrichment of our culture, the development of the Turkish language and the increase in the power of expression of minority children are in your hands. I sincerely believe that your aim is to raise the level and quality of education given to our children, to raise modern generations who are knowledgeable and connected to our history, culture, national and spiritual values. At the end of an academic year that you have left behind by working hard for this purpose, I wish you and your families a good holiday in good health.

Dear Parents,

You, together with your children, have made great efforts throughout the academic year. You rejoiced with their joys and saddened with their sorrows. Your support is very important and very effective in the education of our children. It is possible for them to accept and love school and teachers with your support. I sincerely believe that you will not spare the same support for our children to love books and reading. Our biggest request from you is to send your children to minority schools for the survival of Minority education and our minority. You should never forget that you, the parents, are the owners of our schools and that you have the right to control our schools and the quality of education in our schools through the councillors you elect from among yourselves. In recent years, under the pretext of lack of children, our schools have been closed one by one, without taking into account the treaty rights of the minority to education and without consulting the members of the minority. We have to act consciously in order to put a stop to this. Parents who do not send their children to minority schools, citing the quality of education in the schools as an excuse, should not forget that all the educated people they see around them have graduated from minority schools. In the years when we attended minority schools, technology was not so advanced and various educational opportunities were not so widespread. Nevertheless, minority schools gave us an incredible consciousness and developed a sense of belonging to the minority. While it is always possible to compensate for a child's lack of education, the road to regaining the lost self is very arduous. I would like to underline once again that our primary goal is to raise generations that are loyal to our history, culture, national and spiritual values, and that this is only possible through minority schools. We have to think well and make the right decisions in this regard. Because we should take into account that this decision will affect our child's entire life. With these feelings and thoughts, I wish you, the parents, to have a nice and pleasant time with your children.

On this occasion, I sincerely congratulate our children, colleagues and parents on the upcoming Eid al-Adha and wish them well-being."

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