MPs attending Antalya Diplomacy Forum accused as 'traitor'

Western Thrace
Thu, 14 Mar 2024 10:35 GMT
Members of Parliament from the Turkish Minority of Western Thrace were accused of being "traitors" for attending the Antalya Diplomacy Forum organised by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
MPs attending Antalya Diplomacy Forum accused as 'traitor'

Rhodope and Xanthi MPs Özgür Ferhat and Hüseyin Zeybek have been accused of "treason" by the news website "" for their participation in the Antalya Diplomatic Forum held recently. In the news - commentary titled "Two traitors of the New Left" published on the said news website, it was stated that the two minority MPs "participated in the anti-Greek forum" referring to the Antalya Diplomatic Forum.

The news - commentary noted that the Antalya Diplomacy Forum has been organised since 2021 and serves the aims and objectives of Turkish President Erdoğan and Turkish foreign policy. "The question that arises is: Can two members of the Greek Parliament attend Erdogan's banquet? Can they sit next to the Turkish President's straw men and applaud his nationalist dreams?" The article - commentary stated that New Left MPs Zeybek and Ferhat broke the "national line" of not attending the forum and became applauders of the Turkish President.

It is claimed that no Greek political party and Western governments sent representatives to the forum, "So why did two Greek MPs feel the need to attend a forum and legitimise the Turkish president's revisionist and anti-Greek statements with their presence?

Did the minority MPs Zeybek and Özgür represent the New Left or did they attend as minority MPs? If so, will they inform the Greek Parliament about the visit?"

In the news - commentary, it was stated that the officials of the FEP Party also attended the Antalya Diplomacy Forum and that Acun Ilıcalı, a businessman with significant investments in Greece, and Simeon Tsomokos, President of the Delphi Economic Forum, also took part in the forum. The article on the news website claimed that the New Left Party has made important "mistakes" in a short period of time from a national point of view. In addition to the participation of two New Left MPs in the Antalya Diplomacy Forum, it was reminded that New Left President Alexis Haricis met with the President of the Xanthi Turkish Union during his visit to Xanthi and it was stated that this situation caused question marks for the party.

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