Great interest in the bazaar in Mustafçova village

Western Thrace
Wed, 27 Sep 2023 10:04 GMT
A magnificent bazaar was organised in Mustafçova village of Xanthi on Sunday 24 September. The people of the region showed great interest in the bazaar.
Great interest in the bazaar in Mustafçova village

The local people showed great interest in the bazaar organised by the Mustafçova Youth Association and the village board of trustees for the benefit of the association and the mosque in the village square on Sunday, 24 September.

A poetry competition and an exhibition of traditional clothes were organised in the Kermes event where cultural motifs made themselves felt. Later in the programme, Özcan Kalfa and his team took the stage with their folk songs and received great appreciation.

Muaz Kabza, President of Mustafçova Youth Association, thanked all participants and the protocol for their participation.

Ahmet Kara, President of the Association of Western Thrace Minority Schools Councillors Association, Ozan Ahmetoğlu, President of the Xanthi Turkish Union and Mustafa Trampa, Mufti of Xanthi took the floor and greeted the public and congratulated the young people who organised the bazaar.

Mustafa Trampa, Mufti of Xanthi, wrote on his social media account about the event: "I wish you an auspicious evening from the Cultural Bazaar of our Mustafçova village where the poems "Kaldırımlar" and "Sakarya" of Master Necip Fazıl Kısakürek were read with their local clothes...". In his speech, Mufti Trampa thanked everyone who contributed to the cultural bazaar in Mustafçova and congratulated the young people who participated in the poetry competition in local clothes. Mufti Trampa also conveyed the greetings of the Consul General of the Republic of Türkiye in Komotini, Aykut Ünal, who was unable to attend this event due to a previously scheduled visit.

The event was attended by the Turkish Minority MPs of Xanthi, candidates for municipal and provincial council members, representatives of non-governmental organisations, press and thousands of kinsmen.

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