Smuggled textile products seized at customs

Tue, 23 Jan 2024 10:11 GMT
A large number of smuggled textile products were seized in a lorry travelling from Edirne to Bulgaria.
Smuggled textile products seized at customs

In a lorry travelling from Hamzabeyli border gate to Lesovo customs gate of Bulgaria, 90 parcels full of 3 thousand 126 pieces of "branded" smuggled textile products were seized.

The lorry driven by N.C., which passed the Hamzabeyli border gate to go to France from Turkey, arrived at the Lesovo customs customs point in Bulgaria. The lorry carrying cardboard boxes and packages from Turkey to France via Bulgaria was selected for a comprehensive customs inspection including X-ray equipment according to the "Risk analysis" method.

Branded products hidden between cartons

During the controls carried out by customs officers, 90 parcels of undeclared "branded" clothes were found among the declared cargo. During the inspection, a total of 3 thousand 126 undeclared jackets, tracksuits, t-shirts, blouses, blouses, trousers and other textile products were seized in 90 parcels bearing the logos of world-famous brands.

According to the first examination made by the specialised customs officers, it was determined that the market value of the smuggled textile products was approximately 35 thousand Euros.

The lorry driver was referred to the prosecutor's office.

Source: IHA

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