Poll: The difference between ND and SYRIZA drops to 5.5%

Tue, 2 Aug 2022 9:31 GMT
Prorata Poll: The difference between ND and SYRIZA drops to 5.5%.
Poll: The difference between ND and SYRIZA drops to 5.5%

A new poll, by Prorata this time for the "Editors' Newspaper", shows a narrowing of the polling gap between ND - SYRIZA - Progressive Alliance.

Specifically, it lowers it to five and a half units now.

ND's electoral influence (30%) falls by 1% compared to the March measurement, while its counterpart SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance (24.5%) increases by 0.5%, finally shaping the distance between the two parties in 5.5%.

At the same time, the Change Movement appears to be under further pressure after its seemingly temporary upward trend, detected at 12%.

The poll image of the other parties does not change significantly, with the KKE gathering 5% of the preferences, the Hellenic Solution 3.5% and MeRA25 2%, a percentage that would not guarantee it parliamentary representation.

The only difference is, for the first time, the impression of the party led by Ilias Kasidiaris (2%), a former member of parliament of the Nazi criminal organization.

At the same time, the majority (76%) consider the measures taken by the government to deal with the wave of precision to be insufficient, with most attributing this inadequacy not to external factors, such as the energy crisis or limited budgetary possibilities of the country, but to the political, right-wing ideas of the ruling party.

For the first time since the 2019 election, the majority of public opinion is ready to blame the government for a possible "period of economic austerity" in the coming months.


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