German farmers protest agricultural subsidy cuts in Berlin

Sun, 21 Jan 2024 7:28 GMT
Sustainable agriculture advocates rally against government policies, demand support for farmers in face of planned subsidy reductions.
German farmers protest agricultural subsidy cuts in Berlin

Farmers in Germany seeking sustainable agriculture, demonstrated Saturday with tractors in front of the headquarters of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) in Berlin.

The farmers are opposed to the government's plan to remove agricultural diesel subsidies.

Hundreds of demonstrators, led by the coalition of SPD with the Greens and the Free Democratic Party, gathered in front of the SPD headquarters, chanting slogans: "We're fed up", "Everyone can do something" and "Good food needs a future.”

Protesters held banners with messages that read: "The land belongs to the farmers", "Food is political" and "Farmers come before corporate interests."

Klaus Böglen expressed frustration with the government's agricultural policies.

Böglen told Anadolu: "We believe the government is very inconsistent in protecting the interests of nature and future generations. This is not just about agricultural policy -- it is also applicable to social policy and climate policy."

"Decisions are made very quickly on some things that concern farmers without prior discussion, and we want to discuss this. Everyone needs to contribute to something, such as subsidizing diesel, subsidizing flights, for example," he said.

A young woman who did not want to disclose her name emphasized that protesters gathered for ecological farming and supporting farmers.

She demanded the government support sustainable agriculture.


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