Swine herd dive into fields in Aşağıköy

Western Thrace
Fri, 19 Apr 2024 9:03 GMT
Pigs damaged cultivated fields in Ashagikoy, Maronian Municipality of Şapçı.
Swine herd dive into fields in Aşağıköy

In Ashagikoy, Maronya Municipality, Şapçı, pigs entered cultivated fields and damaged crops.

The wild boar herds, which have been seen in the neighbouring regions and in many different points of the Rhodope province in recent days, have already started to make farmers think about the upcoming summer season.

A herd of up to 10 pigs, which were seen by the village residents looking for food in the cultivated fields around Aşağıköy in the vicinity of Şapçı Maronya Municipality, disappeared from sight after a while.

According to the information obtained by the residents of the village, in recent days, swarms of pigs have caused great damage to cultivated tobacco boiled seedlings, olive trees and similar cultivated areas.

The villagers reported the situation to the authorities and tried to protect their crops by enclosing the cultivated areas in a wire fence.

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