Şapçı-Maronya Municipality Brings humanitarian aid to the Turkish border

Western Thrace
Tue, 14 Mar 2023 9:08 GMT
Şapçı-Maronya Municipality handed over the aid collected for the earthquake victims who lost their houses and all their properties in the earthquakes in Türkiye to the authorities.
Şapçı-Maronya Municipality Brings humanitarian aid to the Turkish border

Şapçı-Maronya Municipality had previously collected aid for earthquake victims and sent them to Türkiye. The administration continued the aid campaign after the first materials were sent.

The municipal committee, consisting of Mayor Dinos Haritopulos, speaker of the parliament Nuray Bekiroğlu, vice presidents Mustafa Molla Ahmet and Caner Mustafa Osmanoğlu, took the humanitarian aid materials collected in the villages of Kuşlanlı and Yahyabeyli in Şapçı district to Ipsala district of Türkiye today, Monday, March 13, 2023.

Basic needs products donated by sensitive citizens from the villages of the municipality were loaded onto the municipal vehicles on Monday morning. Aykut Unal, Consul General of Komotini, sent off the municipal committee, which set off from Şapçı, to the motherland Türkiye.

The municipality delegation was welcomed by İpassal District Governor Ömer Dear and İpsala Mayor Abdullah Naci Ünsal at the İpsala Border Gate.

Turkish administrators thanked the Greek people and Turkish minority people who supported and contributed to the aid campaign launched for earthquake victims.

In the statement made by Şapçı-Maronya Municipality on the subject, Mayor Dinos Haritopoulos thanked the residents of the municipality for their solidarity throughout the campaign.

Wishing that the donated items would make the lives of the earthquake victims easier, even a little bit, Haritopulos stated that the support given to the people of Türkiye is important.

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