Literary writer from Western Thrace publishes a story book

Western Thrace
Sun, 13 Aug 2023 14:16 GMT
The story book of Hüseyin Mehmet, whose stories were published in many different magazines, including Fiyaka, was published with the title "Kalanlara" (To the Remainers).
Literary writer from Western Thrace publishes a story book

In the introduction of the book: "It traces the trace of voice, utterance, timbre; it makes us feel the beauty of this trace's utterance. Therefore, the book will carry the identity hidden in our voice for generations. The inner dialogues of the naive story characters that turn into a loud cry from time to time, the unusualisation of the space with a sharp attention, the echoing of time in the Rhodope Mountains as if hitting the history, the loss of the distinction between life and fiction... But the efforts of the extraordinary heroes, who do not always know whether they are made up of letters or syllables, but still want to be words when they grow up, to hold on to the harmony of language and culture 'maybe it will be a black consolation for those who stay'" draws attention.

We congratulate the author for this book that literature readers will read with curiosity and pleasure.

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