Contract signed for maintenance of outdoor sports facilities

Western Thrace
Thu, 30 Mar 2023 9:47 GMT
The mayor and the contractor signed a contract for the project, which includes the maintenance of open sports facilities in the settlements of the Municipality of Komotini.
Contract signed for maintenance of outdoor sports facilities

The "Maintenance of outdoor sports facilities in residential areas" project, prepared by the Municipality of Komotini, begins.

The project contract was signed by the mayor Yannis Garanis and the contractor Dimitris Papadimos, with the participation of Dimitris Karastavrou, Deputy Mayor in charge of Zoning, Planning, Urbanism, and Spatial Planning, this morning, in the office of the Mayor of Komotini.

The budget of the project is 786,000 euros. The period specified in the contract for the completion of the project is 12 months from the date of signature.

The project of maintenance of sports facilities is financed from the general budget of 1,711,000 euros of the FILODIMOS II program of the Ministry of Interior and is the second project of the program.

The contracted project includes the maintenance of Canbaz, Kalfa, Çufacılar, Agio Theodori, and Kafkasköy football fields, as well as safe and modern sports facilities, as well as energy improvement works to save energy.

Making a statement about the implementation of the project and the contract made, Komotini Mayor Yannis Garanis said, "The gradual improvement of the playgrounds in the settlements of Komotini Municipality will encourage sports, encourage the efforts of the athletes and team managements. At the same time, the use of LED projectors will save energy resources. In the settlements. "The road to better and safer infrastructure is long because there are many villages and resources are limited. But with this project, we are taking a very important step," he said.

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