'Turkish radio' crisis in Greece

Wed, 10 Jul 2024 9:21 GMT
The confusion of Greek and Turkish radio frequencies has caused complaints from radio organisations in Greece.
'Turkish radio' crisis in Greece

The Greek government has taken action to eliminate the confusion with Turkish radio frequencies. Greece is experiencing problems due to the confusion of radio frequencies and telephone operators on the islands in the Aegean Sea, where it borders Türkiye.

According to the news in Habertürk, Greek radios are experiencing access difficulties in their broadcasts due to the 'broadcast dominance' of Turkish radio channels. On the other hand, it is reported that there are problems in communication due to the interference of telephone operators. Radios broadcasting on the border of Greece and residents of the Aegean islands complained about the problems they experienced in communication. Greece's Ministry of Digital Management has brought the issue to its agenda.

SECOND FREQUENCY SOLUTION Against the dominance of Turkish radio broadcasts in the region, the Greek Ministry of Digital Management will give the right to use 'second frequency' to the radios broadcasting in the region.

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