European elections: Is voting compulsory? What is the penalty for not voting?

Sat, 8 Jun 2024 10:44 GMT
According to the law, Greek citizens must vote in the 2024 European elections.
European elections: Is voting compulsory? What is the penalty for not voting?

Greek citizens are obliged to vote in the 2024 European elections.

Voting will start tomorrow, Sunday 9 June, at 07.00 in the morning and end at 19.00 in the afternoon.

Although the exercise of the right to vote is compulsory, many citizens prefer to avoid the process.

Are there penalties for voters who do not vote?

According to the Constitution, voting is compulsory in Greece based on Article 51. 5 and 6 of Presidential Decree 26/2012. However, for those who do not exercise their right to vote, the law provides for imprisonment from one month to one year.

Who is not allowed to vote?

According to article 117, paragraph 2, of the electoral law (Presidential Decree 26/2012), the following categories of voters:

Over 70 years of age.

Those who are abroad on polling day.

Voters who live abroad and are included in the special electoral register, but for whom it is not possible to set up a special ballot box because the number of voters from the same basic electoral district is not at least 40.

There will also be voters who cannot exercise their right to vote for various exceptional reasons. These include the following:

Public servants with serious service needs will not allow themselves to be absent from their service in order to go and vote where they are registered in the electoral register.

Employees of legal entities governed by public law, hospitals, organisations and public utilities, etc., who are also not allowed to travel due to serious service needs.

Voters who, for health reasons, cannot travel to the place where they exercise their right to vote.

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