France's far-right leader demands more mosque closures

Wed, 5 Oct 2022 8:05 GMT
Marine Le Pen calls for deportation of all Muslims who have 'radical rhetoric'
France's far-right leader demands more mosque closures

France’s far-right politician Marine Le Pen has demanded more mosques be closed in the country.

Her demand comes despite the closure of 24 mosques in France in the past two years upon the order of Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin.

In an interview with French TV channel BFMTV, Marine Le Pen said: “He (Darmanin) closes a mosque there, a mosque here. He dismisses a preacher once in a while but he must close all extremist mosques in our lands."

Asked over her criteria for the closures, she said all Muslims who have "radical rhetoric" should be deported.

Last year in August, France’s highest constitutional authority approved a controversial “anti-separatism” law that has been criticized for singling out Muslims.

The bill was passed by the National Assembly last summer, despite strong opposition from both rightist and leftist lawmakers.

Touching on the upcoming trial of Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti in a conflict of interest case, Le Pen demanded President Emmanuel Macron remove him from the post.

Moreover, on an investigation opened against Alexis Kohler, the secretary-general of the Elysee, on charges of conflict of interest, Le Pen asked: "Does Emmanuel Macron want to keep someone suspected of conflicts of interest in such a critical position?"

Her National Rally party will propose a bill for Kohler's removal, she said.

Regarding the sanctions on Russia, she claimed that France's sanctions against Russia did not work out, adding that the sanctions have left the French in a difficult situation.

Russia had an additional income worth €40 billion with oil exports during this period, she said.

Le Pen said this winter and the next will be even more difficult because of Moscow's gas supply cutoff to France, adding that the sanctions were unthoughtful.


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