President of the TOGETHER List organizes spectacular opening

Western Thrace
Fri, 15 Sep 2023 12:19 GMT
Caner Imam, Candidate for Yassıköy Municipality and President of the TOGETHER List, opened the election centre office with a spectacular ceremony and introduced the candidates to the public.
President of the TOGETHER List organizes spectacular opening

In the local elections to be held in Greece on 8 October 2023, Lawyer Caner Imam was one of the candidates who formed a list for the administration of Yassıköy Municipality.

Caner Imam, who announced his candidacy for Yassıköy Municipality, formed the list named "MAZI" (TOGETHER) as a result of the consultations he made and completed it with the candidates for councillor and mukhtar.

Following the registration of the candidacy of all candidates in the TOGETHER team, the mayoral candidate Caner Imam opened his election centre office in Yassıköy last night with a magnificent crowd.

At the opening of the election centre office, all council member candidates in the TOGETHER team were also introduced.

At the beginning of the opening programme, information was given about the meaning of the logo of the TOGETHER List, which was established under the chairmanship of Caner İmam, and the purpose of its establishment.

Afterwards, Caner Imam, the candidate for mayor of Kuruye, appeared. He made speeches to the crowd, first in Greek and then in Turkish, explaining why they founded the TOGETHER List and what they want to do for the municipality and the people of the region.

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