BTTDD Bursa Branch organises iftar programme in Kahramanmaraş

Western Thrace
Thu, 20 Apr 2023 12:06 GMT
Solidarity Association of Western Thrace Turks in Turkey (BTTDD) Bursa Branch continues its iftar programmes in the earthquake region this year.
BTTDD Bursa Branch organises iftar programme in Kahramanmaraş

The members of BTTDD Bursa Branch organised an iftar programme in Kahramanmaraş, one of the regions affected by the earthquake, on the evening of Kadir Night.

BTTDD Bursa Branch President Hasan Karaömer, who made evaluations about the iftar programmes previously organised in Hatay, Malatya and Gaziantep, said: "We ended our Ramadan organisation with the iftar programme organised in Kahramanmaraş on the blessed Qadr Night after thousands of iftar meals delivered to our earthquake-affected citizens. In this organisation, which started with the idea of a single iftar at the beginning, we had the chance to organise four iftar and sahur with the incredible support and help of our compatriots. The benevolence of Western Thrace Turks and their loyalty to the motherland made us extremely proud of course."

"The happiness of being able to reach the real needy with the incredible support of our kinsmen is priceless", said President Karaömer and continued his words as follows:

"As BTTDD Bursa Branch, I would like to thank once again on behalf of my Board of Directors to all our kinsmen, the Women's and Youth Branches of our association for their support in the preparation and delivery of our aids, iftar meals, materials and toys specially distributed to our children and women since the first moment of the earthquake. I would also like to state that we, as BTTDD Bursa Branch, will continue to do our best without leaving the earthquake region alone, to represent our kinsmen there and to stand by our homeland."

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