Ali Tahir Cambaz, President of IHH-UK Charity Foundation the guest of Çınar FM

Western Thrace
Wed, 10 Jul 2024 9:28 GMT
Ali Tahir Cambaz, President of IHH-UK Charity Foundation, with which Çınar Association in Western Thrace cooperates in Qurban campaigns, was the guest of Çınar FM.
Ali Tahir Cambaz, President of IHH-UK Charity Foundation the guest of Çınar FM

Ali Tahir Cambaz, President of the UK IHH-UK Relief Foundation, with which Xanthi based Çınar Association cooperates in sacrifice campaigns, was a guest of Çınar FM. President Tahir Cambaz talked about the sacrifice campaigns. The guest of the programme prepared and presented by Çınar FM Editor and Journalist Ramadan Molla, who informs the listeners every weekday in the "Voice of the Nation" programme on 91.8 Çınar FM broadcasting in Komotini, on Tuesday, 9 June 2024, was Ali Tahir Cambaz, President of IHH-UK Relief Foundation, an aid organisation based in England.

Ali Tahir Cambaz, who is from Gökçepınar village of Xanthi and lives in England, talked about the purpose of the foundation and the activities carried out in different countries.

Cambaz touched upon the contributions of Xanthi Çınar Association which cooperates with the foundation on the sacrifice donation campaigns organised in African countries and the contributions of the kinsmen from all regions of Western Thrace who support the campaigns and shared with the audience the difficult living conditions in the countries where these campaigns are organised and the sad events he has seen and experienced.

Cambaz thanked the executives of Çınar Association and philanthropist kinsmen who cooperated with the Foundation and led the sacrifice donation campaigns to be successful in Western Thrace and answered the questions asked by Journalist Ramadan Molla in the programme and informed the Western Thrace Turks and all Çınar FM listeners.

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