Leader of the HÖH party in Bulgaria resigns

Thu, 9 Nov 2023 11:22 GMT
Mustafa Karadayı, President of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (HÖH), the political party of Bulgarian Turks, resigned from his post.
Leader of the HÖH party in Bulgaria resigns

Mustafa Karadayı, the chairman of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (HÖH) party in Bulgaria, whose members are mostly Turks and Muslims, resigned from his post.

In a written statement made by the Central Administrative Board of the party, it was reported that Karadayı's resignation submitted today was accepted and that the duty of the chairmanship will be carried out by Honorary President Ahmet Doğan until the next congress.

The reasons for Karadayı's resignation were not disclosed.

Delyan Peevski, Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Group of the HÖH, told the press that Karadayı's term of office should end on 12 December. Peevski noted that the date of the new congress will be set on 17 November.

Karadayı has been the chairman of the HÖH since 2016.

The HÖH party, which is the opposition in the parliament, frequently supports the ruling coalition, which is pro-NATO and pro-EU. Karadayı had announced that after the expected reshuffle in the government after March, it was envisaged that HÖH would join the cabinet with ministers and become a ruling partner.

The HÖH party was founded in 1990 by Ahmet Dogan after the fall of the communist regime in Bulgaria in 1989. The party has played a key role in politics during the country's 33 years of democracy.


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