The movie "Sadık Ahmet" disturbs the Greek Solution Party

Western Thrace
Thu, 30 Nov 2023 11:01 GMT
The film "Sadık Ahmet", which was promoted in Istanbul a while ago, disturbed the deputy of the Greek Solution Party.
The movie "Sadık Ahmet" disturbs the Greek Solution Party

The film "Sadık Ahmet", co-produced by TRT and promoted in Istanbul a while ago, disturbed the deputy of the Greek Solution Party.

The cinema film about the life and struggle of Dr. Sadık Ahmet, the unforgettable man of the Western Thrace Muslim Turkish Minority, will be released in Türkiye on 29 December.

The Greek Resolution MP, who cannot even tolerate the learning and dissemination of the facts, let alone confronting them, requested the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take an initiative to ensure that the film is at least not shown in Western Thrace.  

The Turkish translation of the question addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 27 November 2023, signed by Parashos Papadakis, MP for Evros (Evros) of the Greek Solution, is as follows:

"Mr Minister,

Recently, a press conference was held in Istanbul on the occasion of the completion of the film about the life of Ahmet Sadiq and dedicated to him by TRT General Director Mehmet Zahid Sobacı.

The film "Sadık Ahmet", co-produced by TRT, brings his life story to the big screen. The film will be released at the end of this year.

Sobacı said: "...Bringing Sadık Ahmet's life to the big screen is a turning point for us, for TRT; we will never allow our identity to be overshadowed and our independence to be restricted. Sadık means a lot to us.

Of course, as a doctor, he not only healed the wounds in Western Thrace, but also struggled to heal the pain of assimilation, ignorance and deprivation of freedom. For this reason, he is valuable for us."

The son (sponsor of Pantrakikos team) and the daughter of the deceased were also present at the press conference. The son and daughter thanked TRT and the "Republic of Turkey".

As it can be understood, through this film, new propaganda is being made from Türkiye in our Thrace with the aim of poisoning the harmonious relations between Christians and Muslims and portraying them as "Turks".

Taking all of the above into consideration, we ask the honourable minister:

Do you think that the film could be seen as an additional reason for the deterioration of the bilateral relations between Greece and Turkey and do you plan to take an initiative to withdraw the film in question or at least to prevent it from being shown in our Thrace by any television channel?

Thessaloniki, 27/11/2023

The MP who asked the question

Parashos Papadakis"

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