Preacher Ismail Karaali from Komotini passes away

Western Thrace
Thu, 17 Aug 2023 9:45 GMT
Preacher İsmail Karaali, who was working as a religious officer under the Mufti's Office in Komotini, died at the age of 65.
Preacher Ismail Karaali from Komotini passes away

İsmail Karaali, 65, originally from Musacık village of Kozlukebir municipality, passed away on Tuesday, 15 August. The funeral of İsmail Karaali, who was also the Head of the Preaching and Irshad Committee for a period, will be taken from his house after the afternoon prayer today and will be buried in Kahveci Cemetery.

The theologian İsmail Karaali, who served in the Preaching and Irshad team of the Mufti's Office of Komotini for many years, was also one of the founding members of the Friendship Equality Peace Party. Karaali had been experiencing some health problems recently.

The condolence message issued by the Muftiate of Komotini regarding the death of the late İsmail Karaali is as follows:

"Our esteemed teacher İsmail KARAALİ, who worked as a Preacher and Qur'an Course Instructor in our Mufti's Office for many years, passed away on Tuesday, 15 August 2023. May Almighty Allah have mercy on our precious teacher. May his place be heaven. Our condolences to his family, children, relatives, friends and our community. May Allah grant patience and good life to those who are left behind. Born in 1958 in Musacık, İsmail KARAALİ's funeral will be held on Wednesday, 16 August 2023, following the afternoon prayer and will be buried in Komotini Kahveci Cemetery."

As Millet Newspaper, we wish mercy from Almighty Mevlâ to our teacher İsmail, who served the Western Thrace Muslim Turkish Community for many years in a sincere way, and condolences to his family members and all his loved ones.

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